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What are the technical groups supported by Badir?
Badir supports groups managed by young men and women aimed at the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise through a number of activities and events. These groups specializes in different technology disciplines including information and communication technology, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, energy, and nanotechnology.

 Some examples of technology groups Supported by Badir:

1-RIYADH GEEKS: A group interested in information and communications technology. It was founded in December 2008. It organizes monthly gathering containing lectures, discussions and exchange of experiences, in addition to social networking.

Everyone is welcomed to join the group and interested people can attend without prior registration or membership.
Group Registration Link: RIYADH GEEKS

2-Google Technology User Group (GTUG): A group interested in everything related to Google technology, including Android applications, search engines, and YouTube.

Group Registration Link RIYADH GTUG

3- Pharmacist With an Impact: It is a volunteering group that includes students and graduates from pharmacy colleges and universities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This group dedicated to volunteerism in all its forms in order to have an active and impactful role in the community.
Group Registration Link: Pharmacist and i have imprint
Group Link: Pharmacist and i have imprint

4- The Riyadh Linux User Group is a volunteer-based group of free software users, developers and enthusiasts. The group's main focus is the GNU/Linux operating system which it promotes, supports and contributes to. The group is also interested in the general ethical and social questions that are related to technology. It depends on the spontaneous contributions of its volunteers, and its membership is open to both males and females who accept its charter. It aims at making all of its activities free-of-charge.
The charter of the group states the following group objectives:

- To be a hospitable platform for connecting software freedom enthusiasts in Riyadh in general, and GNU/Linux enthusiasts in particular, and for sharing experiences.

- To promote free software in general and GNU/Linux in particular for the general public and for public and private institutions through meet-ups, workshops and training sessions in Riyadh.

- To provide technical support for free software users in general and GNU/Linux users in particular.

- To connect free software enthusiasts in Riyadh in general and GNU/Linux enthusiasts in particular with enthusiasts outside Riyadh.

Group Registration Link: Riyadh Linux User Group

Services provided by Badir:
Badir Program technology incubators seeks to support these groups in order to build a knowledge-based society. Services provided by Badir Program include:

  1. Provide a meeting place for the various groups to discuss and debate future plans.
  2. Provide world-class speakers to share knowledge and experience according to the group’s interests and directions.
  3. Liaise between the group and investors.
  4. Other services when required.

 Terms of support by Badir :

  1. The group should be grounded in technology ideas and activities.
  2. The group should have a clear plan.
  3. Also the group should have a clear administrative structure.

 Why Badir program provides these services?

Badir program aims to fuel the interest of young men and women in technology and entrepreneurship, to raise awareness in technology investment throughout these groups and to spread their experience amongst future generations intended for the creation of small and medium sized enterprises.

For the application please e-mail us at: