Badir - Technology Enterprise Funding

Technology Enterprise Funding

Technology Enterprise Funding

The Financing and Trading Administration was established by the BADIR program to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining funding and the necessary financial support for emerging technological projects. by working on forming a strategic partnership with governmental, private financial funds, investors networks and businessmen to support entrepreneurs in the implementation of their technology, especially in the early stages of the project’s life, for the development and localization of technology in the Kingdom, and contribute to the diversification of income sources, and promote the process of the national economy.


  • Help emerging business in the technology field secure the necessary funding.
  • To build strategic partnership relations with funders, financial funds, businessmen, and networks of individual investors “Angel Investors Network”, to provide multiple financing options.
  • Establish and encourage Venture Capital funds for investment in emerging tech projects in the Kingdom.
  • Encourage and nurture the growth of tech industries in the Kingdom by providing financial assistance.
  • Facilitate investment in the technology sector in the Kingdom.
  • Continued partnership with financial institutions.


  • Evaluate and follow-up with the investment aspects of the technical projects.
  • Help small and medium tech enterprises in obtaining the necessary funding for the continuity of the project.
  • Establish a network of individual investors.
  • Provision of tech projects for interested parties.
  • Rehabilitation programs for funding:

-       Pitching Program to the investor

-       Financial Modeling Program


  • Government Financial Funds:

The administration of tech funding and trading associated with strategic partnerships will liaise with government financial resources, in order to study and evaluate projects before they are submitted for government funding. It will ensure to fulfil all the requirements of the funds, and to identify the necessary funding for such projects.


  • Angel Investors Network:

This is an important part in the support of tech projects. The administration is working to facilitate the formation of network of investors in the Kingdom through the gathering of a number of businessmen interested in tech investments and help them work on the organizational structure of the network.


  • Companies and Entrepreneurial Centers

A variety of major companies in the Kingdom are moving towards the establishment of financial funds and entrepreneurship centers. These companies and the BADIR program are keen to highlight the role of technology incubators through the Management of Finance and Trading Technology in order to form strategic cooperating relationships that would supply companies and centers of entrepreneurship projects with technical projects that are appropriate for their economic orientations.

Administrative Service Eligibility:

  • The project should be incubated by BADIR or in one of the incubators of the BADIR program’s network.
  • To provide a clear feasibility study or a preliminary action plan.
  • To meet the funding conditions imposed by the funders.
  • The applicant should be a Saudi national.

Individual Investors Network (SIRB)

Several entrepreneurs incubated under the BADIR program faced many difficulties when searching for appropriate funding for the establishment, growth and continuity of their business. Consequently, the King Abdul Aziz City, represented by the BADIR program, studied the experiences of other countries and concluded that the solution lies in the so-called individual investors industry or the ‘Angel Investors’, who could provide innovative financing solutions to bridge the funding gap and investment in the early stages of the life of the project.

In May 2012, King Abdul Aziz City, represented by the BADIR program, succeeded in the establishing a network of individual investors (SIRB) to fill funding gaps and overcome obstacles that hinder the transmission of research projects to its actual fruition. It also helped to contribute funding and support business leaders in the Kingdom through the formation of a network that combined a number of distinguished businessmen and individual investors wishing to support emerging ventures or to participate in expounding the success and growth for the sake continuity.

The objectives of “SIRB" network:

  • Enable individual investors and entrepreneurs to communicate effectively towards building successful partnerships and the establishment of promising enterprises.
  • Provide suitable investment opportunities to individual investors.
  • Provide adequate funding channels to fill the funding gap faced by small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Build strategic partnerships with universities and government institutions for the success of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

Services of "SIRB" Network

To provide an electronic gate for effective communication between individual investors and entrepreneurs:

  • Enable entrepreneurs to access the database of individual investors and correspond with them to build partnerships.
  • Enable individual investors to review the projects and investment opportunities with entrepreneurs.
  • Conduct training courses for individual investors in the field of evaluation and selection of investment opportunities.
  • Conduct training courses for entrepreneurs in the areas of business planning and presentation skills for investors.
  • Organize periodic meetings between entrepreneurs and investors to showcase projects and investment opportunities.

Network Members:

The King Abdul Aziz City signed a cooperation agreements with several research centers and business incubators in the Kingdom to support the SIRB network, and to be partners in the network in order to ensure that the flow of projects selected are of quality in order to support the network of graduates of these institutions and centers, namely:

  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.
  • Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • College of Business Administration “CBA”.
  • Dar Al-Hekma College.