Badir - Saudi Business Incubator Network

Saudi Business Incubator Network


Saudi Business Incubator Network (SBIN) was founded in 2009 by King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology represented by Badir Program as an advisory entity to promote, encourage and provide best in class practices for the incubators.

SBIN is considered a national network that endeavors to develop and support the growth of technology incubators, to stimulate the economy through the formation of new businesses that are capable of providing investment opportunities that would contribute to the diversification of the national economy and the creation of additional job opportunities for the Saudi youth.  


The Saudi Business Incubator Network strives to become the main hub where all information and experience related to the incubation business is combined and shared in the Kingdom.


The Saudi Business Incubator Network seeks to support and develop technology incubators in the Kingdom by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience between Saudi incubators, decision makers, and other stakeholders.


  • To exchange of ideas and thoughts on the best practices to promote the expansion of tech industries in the Kingdom.
  • To take advantage of the expertise and the knowledge to upgrade the performance of the Saudi incubators.
  • To raise awareness of the advantages and the importance of technology incubators.
  • To devise ambitious plans and programs to enhance the performance of the Saudi incubators.
  • To unify and consolidate all efforts in this field.
  • To learn from past experiences and develop accordingly the skills of all personnel in the incubation field.
  • Conduct studies on the viability and planning for a better understanding of the incubator.
  • Train incubator staff and personnel.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the incubator.
  • Liaise with international incubators and networks all over the world.
  • Support the professional and intentional advancement of the tech industry according to international standards.
  • Realize endorsement and authentication certificates for the incubators.
  • Facilitate communication with all stakeholders.
  • Provide news, information and resources.
  • Identify opportunities to promote tech incubation in the Kingdom.
  • Liaise with consultants and experts in the field.


SBIN Current Members:

  • Executives, entrepreneurs, and employees of the incubator in the Kingdom.
  • Business professionals.
  • Academics interested in entrepreneurship and small business development
  • Incubation and entrepreneurship consultants

Joining the Network:

Please follow the link to the SBIN membership application form, complete the form and electronically forward to the Secretariat. Once your application is accepted you will be forwarded a user name and password to be able to access the member’s site.