Badir - Incubator support service

Incubator support service

Incubator support service

Badir Incubator Development Support Administration strives to provide a bouquet of services that would boost the incubator’s business role and increase the value of its service. The support administration accomplishes its aim through the development of well thought off strategic marketing plans to enhance the performance of the incubator, the acquisition of new tenants, the education of the public on the role of incubators in economic development and the support of new and emerging projects in the Kingdom.

 Stages of Development:

Badir Incubator Development Support Administration seeks to develop the incubators through a number of stages that include the following:

  • Preliminary researches and studies.
  • Interviews and consultations.
  • An integrated study of the internal and external environment.
  • Initial business plan.
  • Presentation and demonstration in front of related entities to take their input and learn from their experience.
  • Accumulating final resolution reached.
  • Recommendation adoption.
  • Put in place an execution plan.


The Incubator Support Administration provides various services to all tenants in need of assistance and development in the Kingdom. The services include:

  • Feasibility study and development plans for incubators.
  • Assessment of incubators to help them improve their performance.
  • Establish a department for the development of information through accredited training programs.
  • Create a network of external relations and design programs to take advantage of international experiences.
  • Contribute and continue to develop a wide range of resources to help advisors.