Badir - Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is the process whereby new economic activities are achieved through research, development, production, and distribution of innovative products and services. The results of these operations increase the success rate of projects that contribute to improving economic development and the increase of job opportunities through the development of comprehensive programs for training and support, as well as providing entrepreneurs with the data and figures they need in addition to the evaluation and development of their individual skills while providing consulting services so that they would be able to put into action and apply their knowledge and innovations.


  • Create awareness of technology entrepreneurship and encourage a culture of self-employment and technology marketing throughout the Kingdom.
  • Contribute to the promotion of efforts to develop a national policy for technology entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with various government and private agencies for the development of technology entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.
  • Prepare a distinct generation of pioneers and technology entrepreneurs in the Kingdom.
  • Build capacities and the preparation of specialized professional competencies in the areas of knowledge based economies.
  • Build and maintain relationships with universities and international entities covering a wide experience in technology entrepreneurship.


The support administration organizes many programs, awareness-raising events and activities aimed at the development of technology entrepreneurship. Likewise, it strives to prepare and build specialized professional competencies by following the newest and most effective methods in the field of technology entrepreneurship. At the same time, the Technology Entrepreneurship Support Administration provides a number of services in the Kingdom, including:

  • Awareness campaigns for technology entrepreneurship.
  • Training programs to develop the entrepreneurial skills.
  • Entrepreneurial skills development programs for researchers.
  • Entrepreneur resident program.
  • Programs for developing skills and building capabilities of the personnel working in areas related to technology entrepreneurship.
  • National network of technology entrepreneurs to build communication, share data and the exchange information.
  • Linking entrepreneurs to related networks and professional organizations.
  • A network for specialized guidance.


  • Awareness-Raising Campaigns:

The department organizes several awareness campaigns in collaboration with various entities such as educational institutions, governmental organizations, entrepreneurship support organizations and the private sector. These awareness campaigns are made through periodical workshops, introduction lectures, seminars, meetings, scientific exhibitions and publications that contribute to the promotion of technology entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

  • Entrepreneur Development Program:

Technology entrepreneur development program aids in evolving and honing entrepreneurial skills. This provides an opportunity for the entrepreneur to increase in understanding and receive practical advice regarding marketing, planning, finance, administration, and legal issues as well.

  • Resident Entrepreneur Program:

The program provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet and interact with prominent executives from international companies whereby they learn from their individual business experiences.

  • Workshops:

The program also organizes several workshops at various cities in the Kingdom in collaboration with entities such as the chambers of commerce and universities. The workshops are based on entrepreneurship, preparing business plans, feasibility studies, and project assessment as well as many others.

  • Meetings and Events:

The administration prepares for several important and worthy occasions such as the “Start-Up Weekend” that is considered to be one of the best occasions to stimulate technology entrepreneurship, in addition to “Global Connect”, Google Day”, and “Arab Net” as well as others.

  • Competitions:

The Intel Challenge initiative - National Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge - was launched by the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology represented by Badir Program for Technology Incubators and in partnership with Intel. This national challenge proved the ability of the Saudi youth to innovate and show effective responsiveness towards technology entrepreneurship. The initiative achieved resounding success year after year and witnessed an overwhelming response from various regions and universities across Saudi Arabia.