Taif Incubator


Badir Technology Incubator in Taif

The expansion plan of the program's services covered several cities and towns across the Kingdom. Taif Technology Incubator is the second in the Western Province, following Jeddah Technology Incubator that was established in cooperation with Jeddah Chamber. Taif Incubator was established on Thursday 28 Shawal 1436 (corresponding to 13 August, 2015). In order to enhance the program's objectives in supporting technology and entrepreneurship, it cooperates with several local entities such as Taif Chamber and Taif University.


To be a business incubator on a global level providing excellent services in business development and creating an enabling environment for creativity, development, and promotion of the industry of technology in the Kingdom.



To stimulate economic growth, employment, and skills development through entrepreneurship, project development, and marketing in the field of technology.



The incubator in general aim to develop technology start-ups growth in the technology field as well as:

  • Assist in the early stages of  establishing start-ups' and their growth
  • which are classified as one of the most difficult stages.
  • Encourage and develop the technology industry in the Kingdom.
  • Find investment opportunities in the technology sector.
  • Contribute to new career opportunities .


Scope of work

1-    Information and Communication Technology 

Computers and communication devices, infrastructure of information and communication technology, software and solutions, e-games, websites & phone applications.


2-    Advanced Manufacturing

Innovation and development of advanced industrial equipment, production of advanced industrial materials, new and innovative products.


3-    Bio Technology

Life Science, Healthcare and, Pharmaceuticals, Environment, Food and Agriculture.


  • Assist in the development of business plans that correspond with each individual project.
  • Provide legal, financial, and marketing consultations.
  • Constant follow-up and support for the development and success of the project.
  • Assist in finding financial aid and facilitating access to sources of financial support.
  • Build relationships with commercial entities in the Saudi commercial market and globally.
  • Arrange workshops in diverse topics to develop the client's interpersonal skills.
  • Provide offices for men and women while preserving discretion and privacy.
  • Seminars and conference room facilities.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services.
  • Access to the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Telecommunications services and high-speed internet.

Infrastructure and facilities

Admission Requirements

  • The project should be in the field of technology and based on innovation.
  • The availability of a prototype for the project. 
  • The project should have a market opportunity
  • There should be a harmony among the members of the team who should have an administrative background.
  • The project should be comprised of no less than 51% of Saudi nationals.

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