Advanced Manufacturing Technology Incubator

Badir Incubator for Advanced Manufacturing program was founded at Badir Incubators Technology in May 2010. The incubator serves entrepreneurs interested in establishing new companies that work in the field of advanced manufacturing technology to achieve advanced industrial technology in the Kingdom.

Incubator’s Scope of Work:

  • Innovation and development of advanced industrial equipment.
  • Production of advanced industrial materials.
  • New and innovative products.


Badir Incubator for Advanced Manufacturing vision is to pioneer the provision of best services for the support and development of technology in the Kingdom.


The incubator’s mission is to have a prominent role in the progression and elevation of advanced manufacturing in the Kingdom that would stimulate and diversify the national economy. 


  • Individuals that were able through their scientific research to develop a new product that offers great commercial value.
  • Individuals that desire to locally produce a product that is otherwise imported into the Kingdom.
  • Individuals that have identified products that are manufactured outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and would contribute to the growth of the Saudi economy.


Badir Incubator for Advanced Manufacturing provides a range of services and programs to guide entrepreneurs in the field of advanced manufacturing across the various stages of incubation. Services comprise of:

Providing administrative and commercial services, including:

  • Assistance in the preparation of the action plan and feasibility study.
  • Public relations, marketing and promotion of the product.
  • Assistance in obtaining patent and intellectual property.

 Product life-cycle Center:

  • Support design and reverse engineering.
  • Three-dimensional printing.
  • Quick formation of the initial model.
  • Rapid supply of equipment.
  • Monitoring the quality of the product.
  • Engineering assessment, financial models and calculations.

Training Services:

  • Incubator organizes several training programs.
  • Conducting a number of workshops and lectures in the areas of "investment opportunities” in the industry, intellectual property, engineering design software using programs such as, Vector graphics, "Corel Draw", CATIA, Solid works, and reverse engineering.

Badir Incubator for Advanced Manufacturing provides work space accommodation options free of charge, as well as a wide range of services, including:

  • Telecommunications services and high-speed Internet.
  • Facilities seminars and conference rooms.
  • Video-conferencing facilities.
  • Access to the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Admission Requirements:

  1. The project should be based on innovation and in the field of technology.
  2. The project should be feasible.
  3. The entrepreneur should have prepared a financial plan and has good knowledge of the market and the competition.
  4. Team members should have harmony and administrative experience.
  5. The entrepreneur should clearly state and demonstrate the reasons for the success of his project.
  6. The team working on the project should include no less than 51% of Saudi nationals.
  7. The availability of a prototype for the project.  

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