Badir - Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

BADIR actively advances, promotes and supports technology innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Saudi Arabia through its comprehensive national programs and strategic policy initiatives.


Badir pursues a vision to serve as a national program for business technology incubators in order to support and assist incubators business in the Kingdom, promote the concept of technology entrepreneurship, and convert projects and technical research into successful business opportunities.


To encourage and support the establishment and development of technology incubators in the Kingdom in order to promote and stimulate a knowledge-based economy.


Badir Program for technology incubators aims to develop technical trading in the Kingdom through the adoption of a range of services that include entrepreneurship, innovation, and the establishment of incubators. The program's mission is to ensure access to targeted sectors of the program's services, integrate incubators efforts to attract inventors and innovators, and highlight the efforts of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology that support innovation and invention among citizens.

The program guides innovators to raise the efficiency of the operations of investment innovations, and to clarify the innovator's vision for all aspects of technology trading, such as innovation adequacy, commercial feasibility, growth strategies and others. All that will minimize the risk of failure, and raise the chances of success, and reduce the consumption of financial and human resources.

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